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Peoples Wiki  is a community based on you! Virtual, awkward, and sophisticated people group together in the most incredbile cities in the world, each with their own story. Whether they are bright and determined, old and wise, sensible and good there are a variety of folks to meet on the wiki. Experience their tale then edit, customise, etc. to create the perfect person in the perfect city. Click here to view the most popular cities. (Any default names mentioned that are unknown or fake are just the custom version of the city, and no racism or offense to one's effinity is intended.)

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In the beautiful city of Paris, France the folks are stuck in a minor crisis that could turn into a major problem: the Kings--the city's leading and admirable royal family--have been robbed and the city is drowning in debut! The citizens of all ages whether they are young or old, intelligent or clueless, will ahve to team up and solve this mysterious case! Who could be hoarding up the riches? Find out!