King Phillip Ferdinand King II
January 18, 1954 (age 58)
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Elizabeth King (wife)   Isabelle King (daughter)                   King Phillip I (father)   Queen Willow (mother)      Jean LaRouge (son-in-law)


Ruler of Par

Bold and wise, King Phillip is a workaholic in royalty--spending most of his time pleasing his loyal citizens and kin, rather than pleasing himself. He often lacks the time for self-entertainment, quite odd for someone who is rather wealthy. But when a crisis hits the city, will he have to put on the extra stress?

Personal StoryEdit

King Phillip was born and raised in the 50's, and grew up with workaholic parents, King Phillip I and Queen Willow. While he had a childhood and due to his parents' notorious ammount of cash, he recieved most of the items he wanted, but his parents being so busy, never seemed to have time for him. He attended a private school starting at the age of six, where he studied all day and most of the night. While stressed and utterly exhausted, his mother would occassionally tell him stories in which she called "mother-and-son bonding", while Phillip's dad would sometimes teach him how to tame a horse. While he never learned much socially, being so shy, he did very well in school, but dropped out when his mother, Willow, had come down ill.

Unsure if they would be capable of caring for her, King Phillip I became depressed. He almost never left his room to take care of the family nor to work, and he became stressed to the point of starvation. He became sickly thin, and was so exhausted from hunger, he mostly slept, huddled in the living room. Prince Phillip was young, only 11 years old, but he understood that the time for his rule was coming