The Kings are the classic rulers of Paris . They appear bold yet considerate of what their citizens want, and their quick thinking and mature, wise looks get them far in life. When they are robbed, they all show amazing effort and determination to get their fortune and wealth back. While old-fashioned, they enjoy the socialization in modern times yet get updated on the latest stuff often, still holding on to the old.


The Kings are the royal family in the beautiful city known as Paris. But when their fortune is lost due to an unsolved robbery, what will happen to the city and how will their debut reflect on themselves--and their children, the future leaders?

Household MembersEdit

  • King Phillip: the caring and sophisticated main ruler of Paris. He is a cautious yet very wise as he started ruling very young, at maybe twelve years of age. He is a loyal leader, husband, and father.
  • Queen Elizabeth: the georgous and strong wife of King Phillip. She is bold and beautiful, and not afraid of what she wants.
  • Princess Isabelle: the radiant daughter of King Phillip and Queen Elizabeth. She is good and pure, but isn't sure if she's ready to follow in her mother's foot-steps.
  • Freddy King: the lovable, pampered dog of the King family.


The Kings, due to their extreme wealth, live in a life of luxury and comfort in a cute mansion.

106 highlandparkhistoricluxuryhomes1

The front of the house.

Sugarloaf clubhouse circular stairs

The front entrance.


A state-of-the-art dining room.


A gorgeous retro kitchen.


The living room.


The master bedroom.


The huge, airy garden.


The garage with the most expensive car in the world to compliment it.